The Experience

Any Given Child in Tulsa

Tulsa is one of a handful of cities across the nation now participating in the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child program, in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, TPS and the Mayor’s Office, along with 11 partner arts organizations in Tulsa. Local performance groups and museums will ensure that Tulsa students have at least nine live arts experiences by the time they reach high school.

Any Given Child-Tulsa Implementation Structure

3 Layers: Live Arts Experiences, Arts Integration, Art for Art’s Sake

Layer 1: Live Arts Experiences

Partner Organizations provide live arts experiences for all students in a single grade level, regardless of which school they attend.

Kindergarten: Theater Performance (Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust and Tulsa Library)

1st Grade: Museum visit (Gilcrease Museum)

2nd Grade: Opera Performance (Tulsa Opera)

3rd Grade: Museum visit (Philbrook Museum of Art)

4th Grade: Two Music Performances (Chamber Music Tulsa and Tulsa Symphony Orchestra)

5th Grade: Ballet Performance (Tulsa Ballet)

6th Grade: Gallery visit (Hardesty Arts Center & 108 Contemporary , Philbrook Downtown or Living Arts)

7th Grade: Museum visit (Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art)

8th Grade: Dance Performance (Choregus Productions)

Layer 2: Arts Integration

  • Using the Kennedy Center Definition of Arts Integration, TPS Teachers/Curriculum Specialists work collaboratively to develop Arts Integration Curriculum for each grade level to further expand each K-8 student’s art education far beyond AGC-T live arts experiences. Arts integrated lessons will be created on an ongoing basis by teachers and TPS Curriculum specialists to address curriculum standards in language arts, math, science and social studies as well as visual arts, theater, dance and music for each grade level.
  • Any Given Child-Tulsa also provides extensive arts integration professional development opportunities for K-8 teachers to ensure teachers are appropriately trained to integrate the arts into their classrooms on an ongoing basis.

Layer 3: Art for Art’s Sake

  • AGC-T will advocate for additional arts instruction by certified specialists with learning goals centered around the fine arts discipline exclusively.
  • The hope is that AGC-T increases demand for arts education both in K-8 as well as high school.

Any Given Child-Tulsa Field Trip Curriculum Guides 

Developed collaboratively with TPS & Arts Organizations

  • Meaningful, integrated curriculum
  • Learning goals and objectives tied to state standards in language arts, math, social studies and science
  • Pre-visit classroom activities
  • Academic vocabulary (grade specific)
  • Post-visit classroom activities
  • Instructional resources and lesson plans for classroom teachers
  • Behavior and etiquette for live arts experiences