About Us

The goal of the Any Given Child Initiative, a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, is to assist communities in developing a plan for expanded arts education in their schools ensuring access and equity for all students in grades K-8. In 2010 The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, in partnership with The City of Tulsa, Tulsa Public Schools and The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, applied to participate in the initiative.

In May of 2011, Tulsa was chosen as the 5th city in the nation to become part of the Any Given Child program. In 2011 and 2012, The Tulsa Community Arts Team, comprised of representatives from TPS, local arts organizations, the city of Tulsa, local philanthropic organizations and higher education worked together under the guidance of The Kennedy Center to develop a plan specific to Tulsa that connects ALL TPS students in grades K-8 with the first rate arts resources the Tulsa community has to offer.

During the planning phase, The Community Arts Team completed an extensive audit of local arts education resources, surveying TPS administrators and teachers as well as local arts organizations. The team then developed a long-term vision for the Tulsa community, strategic goals and action steps, and a detailed plan for implementation. The three strategic goals guiding Any Given Child-Tulsa are: 1. Every K-8 child will engage in a high-quality standards-based curriculum that encompasses both district and community resources, 2. Sustain Any Given Child-Tulsa through an effective infrastructure, and 3. Raise public awareness, community-wide that the arts are essential.

The long-term vision guiding the work of Any Given Child-Tulsa is:

We believe that all Tulsa Public Schools students must have equal access to sustained, high quality learning in the visual and performing arts. Every K-8 student should engage in live arts experiences through partnerships across the community ad with arts-specialists who integrate the arts into ongoing classroom learning and connect students to the world around them. We value opportunities for all Tulsa children to create, communicate, and think in concrete and abstract ways. For Tulsa children, families, and the community, the arts are essential.

In 2013 Amber Litwack (Tait), was selected as Director of the Initiative and Any Given Child-Tulsa Implementation began in Tulsa Public Schools.


Members of the founding Any Given Child-Tulsa Community Arts Team with Kennedy Center President, Michael Kaiser, at the 2012 Any Given Child Exchange in Washington D.C.